‘Princeton Mom’ Rape Comments Blasted In Alumni Letter

Members of the Princeton University class of 1978 want everyone to know how unhappy they are about rape comments made by self-proclaimed “Princeton Mom,” Susan Patton.

Patton’s original comments were made in a mid-December interview with CNN. She said, “I think what makes this conversation so particularly prickly is the definition of rape. It no longer is when a woman is violated at the point of a gun or knife. We’re now talking about or identifying as rape what really is a clumsy hook-up or a fumbled attempt at a kiss or a caress/ How could that possibly –”

Patton said that she feels that many rape victims “got very drunk and had sex with a man that she regretted the next morning. To me that’s not rape. That’s a learning experience. That’s a learning experience that has to do with making choices and taking responsibility for the choices that you makes.”

Her comments incensed the alumni group, especially given the nation coverage and conversation circulating around sexual assault in recent months. They recently took to the Daily Princeton to unleash their strong feelings on Patton.

The statement was drafted by five authors and was released with over 123 alumni signatures. It read:

“We are members of Princeton’s Class of 1978 who feel it necessary to speak up about sexual assault and rape in response to the undue repeated attentions the media has given to the self-proclaimed “Princeton Mom.” We believe we we speak for the great majority of Princeton moms and dads, as well as alumni who do not have children, in saying rape in general – and date rape in particular – is inexcusable, rape survivors deserve our help and support and anyone who sexually assaults another person should be prosecuted legally.”

The letter ends with a powerful punch and says, “We ask the Princeton administration to continue its efforts to create a campus climate where all accusations of sexual assault are treated with the seriousness they deserved, and we invite those who share our views to raise their voices to join ours.”

Patton has yet to respond to the scathing letter from alumni members. There isn’t much hope that she will given the amount of heat she’s receiving and any possible embarrassment she may feel.

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