President of Virginia State University to Step Down

President of Virginia State University, Keith T. Miller will be stepping down officially on December 31. The change comes after the university’s board of visitors decided that a change was needed. The biggest concerns expressed by the board are the declining enrollment rates and the financial impacts that resulted in many financial cuts. A private meeting and a quick vote sealed the deal.

Rector Harry Black has given Miller high praise for what he says is “putting the interests of the university and students at the forefront of this difficult decision.”

However, students were not as pleased with Miller’s resignation as you’d think after many demanded it along with the provost and the chief financial officer of Virginia State University.

VSU senior, Anthony Jackson says, “We wanted a clean house. We didn’t get that.” Jackson was one of the students to spearhead petitions to oust the president and supporting administrators.

Virginia State University intends to grant Miller a tenure position as a faculty member and plans to grant him his president’s salary of $356,524 for another year according to his amended contract.

“I think we’ve had a nice run at Virginia State University. It’s a great place with a terrific future.” was the only statement made by Miller immediately after the vote.

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