Philanthropist Steven B. Klinsky Donates $1 Million To Make The First Year Of College Free

Steven B. Klinsky has decided to take the investing skills he uses in the business world and channel them into investing in the college students of the future with his $1 million donation to a new program that may enable students to attend their freshman year of college for free.

The budding online project will be a team effort between MIT and Harvard University and should help ease students through the often difficult process of passing Advanced Placement or College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests. Passing these rigorous tests early on will enable the students to charge into college as sophomores and save a significant amount of money in the process.

Klinsky told the Washington Post, “I’m just trying to make the revolution that’s already going on more accessible to more people.”

His hefty donation will get 20 courses off the ground, all online, all free and all driven to master those AP and CLEP tests. The whole process should take roughly a year and a half to really gain some momentum and become available to students to test drive.

Klinsky said, “No one should be shut out of education after high school because of tuition costs or lack of access.” He says that he hopes “to create at lease one universally available and tuition free path toward at least one universally available and tuition free path toward high quality education for anyone who seeks it.”

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