People’s Climate March Draws Students to Action

The People’s Climate March rally on Sunday that took place in New York City drew somewhere around 400,000 marchers to raise awareness. Over 300 of those marching were from Barnard and Columbia making this a successful and unprecedented event along with thousands from other schools.

Droves of people marched through midtown Manhattan to demand that real action be taken on climate change. The People’s Climate March occurred just days before dozens of our world leaders flock to New York City of the United Nations summit that is scheduled for later this week.

The students in attendance came from all different backgrounds and joined forces to organize themselves and be heard along with the other marchers from other countries and communities.

The students also had a good deal of insight to provide and expressed some valuable points on the climate change issue. Here are some notable comments made by students in attendance:

“Climate change is always one of those things where you hear people saying, ‘Nobody’s doing anything,’ but I think this shows that that’s not true.” – Mia Perez, Columbia College student

“This is a monumental even, and I’m happy to be a part of it and to be a part of such a meaningful statement.” Tessa Mellin, Columbia College student

“Politics is corrupt and it’s slow. Climate justice isn’t in the interest of big business, and politicians are all invested in big business. It’s showing me as a young adult that other people believe in what I believe in and that there is the possibility to change.” Josephine Hirsch, Barnard College student

The students that attended from Columbia and Barnard made up just a fraction of the thousands of others that attended from Bowdoin, Yale, Vassar, Amherst, and Princeton among many other colleges and universities.

In an effort to make their voices and opinions heard, students carried signs that read “Our future, our choice!” and “Climate change is everyone’s problem!” Signs weren’t the only way these students were trying to garner some attention though! As they marched they chanted “Hey! Obama! We don’t want no (sic) climate drama,” and “This is what democracy looks like!”

It will be interesting to see what the response of students is going to be upon the completion of the summit, especially since they have proven that this is an issue that they care about.

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