Penn University Frat Suspended After Group Holiday Photo Receives Backlash

The members of the University of Pennsylvania fraternity, Phi Delta Theta, are in the hot seat and suspended as a result of a group holiday photo featuring a blow up doll. The photo has since been deleted, but not before igniting a small fire storm of controversy.

The use of the blow up doll alone was not the reason for the suspension, however. The chapter came under fire as the photo of the predominately white members with what is being called the “Beyonce” blow up doll made its rounds of the internet and subsequently, university staff. The doll in question bore no resemblance to the singer and is instead viewed as a racially insensitive move on behalf of the chapter.

The fraternity’s actions are being classified as racist, misogynistic and even distasteful. The backlash has resulted in a public apology by the Phi Delta Theta members and a pending investigation during their suspension.

Officials at the University of Pennsylvania are in the process of reviewing the photo and actions of the fraternity by way of an internal investigation. They also encourage the dialogue that has been started about race and sexism to continue among students, especially given that these two topics are current hot button issues in the country.

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