Pearson’s Launch of REVEL Aims to Improve Higher Ed Outcomes

The digital learning tool, REVEL was launched today by Pearson. The intent of REVEL is to replace print textbooks and the online learning tools that are already in existence. REVEL was designed with the way that students learn, think and prefer to use content in mind with the hopes of keeping them engaged in courses.

Professors today face the hurdles of teaching students that are unprepared for class and therefore not engaged and are left unable to use the critical thinking skills that are needed for success. Students often report that the reason they are ill prepared or lack interest is due in large part to the study materials that they are provided, saying that they are not always relative to what is being studied.

REVEL will hopefully fix these issues with its text based reading materials, interactive exercises, infographics, social features and video segments. All of the elements will provide students with an interesting, engaging and up to date learning experience while encouraging them to no longer be passive participants in their learning.

REVEL will also aid teachers in their lesson plans with the ability to track how students are using the content and how much time is spent in certain areas. There is the added perk of being able to use REVEL while mobile, which will allow students to study anytime and anywhere from a variety of devices.

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