Paternity Leave – How Much Time Should New Dad’s Take Off?

Having a new baby is an exciting time for new parents. It is also a time when the mother takes off a considerable amount of time to heal and bond with her new bundle. What about the proud new father? Dads are left with the choice to take some time off after their new baby arrives, but deciding how much time off can be a bit anxiety inducing. Why anxiety inducing? Well babies are expensive for one things and for another, not many companies offer paid time off.

Earlier this year Yahoo Inc. received many virtual high fives and pats on the back when they announced that there would be a new policy giving new dads up to eight weeks of paid paternity leave, with benefits! We know that that great generosity and consideration is rare and certainly not par for the course, but it is awesome nonetheless.

A study performed by the Families and Work Institute has found that only 14% of employers that allow some form of paternity leave actually pay for some of the father’s time off. When you add the potential loss of pay to the unfortunate stigma that is often attached to dads that take some paternity leave, you find many dads that are hesitant to take any time off at all.

For us this begs the questions of why shouldn’t paternity leave be more widely supported and why is wanting to care for and bond with your new baby make you less of a business man? It seems like there needs to be a shift of perspective in this area because being a father is no less important than being a mother.

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