OSU Marching Band Alumni Club Seeking Review of Director’s Termination In Light of New Investigation

After a new and independent review was conducted to review the Ohio State University marching band, the TBDBITL Alumni Club is asking for the firing of the band’s director, Jonathan Waters, to be re-accessed with the new findings taken into consideration.

The alumni feel that the new investigation was much less incendiary than the original internal review that was conducted by the university, which ultimately led to Waters’ termination. The famed marching band director was fired as a result of the OSU investigators claims that he had knowledge of a “sexualized culture” of rituals within the band, which they allege he turned a blind eye to rather than put a stop to it.

The TBDBITL Alumni Club has argued that the investigation and it’s findings are false, overblown or misrepresented, as reported by the Associated Press.

For now, OSU isn’t retracting the findings of their investigation or the decision to fire Waters. They have cited his status as an at-will faculty member and his inability to further lead the marching band in light of the investigation.

Waters isn’t taking his termination or the allegations against him lightly, however, as he has recently filed an anti-discrimination claim with the Ohio federal courts. His claim seeks for $1 million in damages and to be reinstated as the director of the Ohio State University marching band.

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