OSU Football Team’s Victory Was Everything To Teen With Muscular Dystrophy

The national championship victory of the Ohio State University football team was everything and more to Buckeyes megafan Jacob Jarvis.

We’ve all seen the images and heard the stories of the mayhem that ensued after Ohio State University’s national championship win, but there was a far better story behind the scenes where the football players made the dreams of a young man come true .

Jacob isn’t just any Buckeyes fan, though. He has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which saddles the 15 year old with a degenerative and fatal disease without a cure. His fight with the muscular disorder is what caught the attention of OSU’s head football coach, Urban Meyer during a summer football camp.

Meyer first met Jacob and his brother Noah Studebaker, who also happens to be a fellow warrior against Duchenne muscular dystrophy, during the summer of 2013. That meeting was the start of a deeper connection between Meyer and his new found friend, Jacob.

Jacob was immediately awestruck by the way Meyers took time to show him how to throw a football, offer up high fives and continually came to talk to him during his duties as coach. Jacob told the Dispatch, “I was amazed.”

It seems that the feeling was mutual as Meyer describes his meeting with Jacob. “I saw an incredible spirit. His eyes were just glistening being in the Horseshoe, on the field,” he said.

From that day forward, Jacob became a “legit member of the team” and frequented many games throughout the season. He was even bumped up honorary team captain status in October along with Noah.

Possibly the most amazing experience of Jacob’s life came on Monday, however. Being honorary team captain has its perks and one of those was the opportunity to tag along with his beloved Buckeyes to their national championship game against the Oregon Ducks.

Jacob rode along with Meyer and the entire football team to the big game at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Just being able to ride along with his favorite team to such an important day is enough to send most fans into football Nirvana, but Jacob’s epic day didn’t end there.

The OSU Buckeyes dominated the game and were victorious over the Ducks. Team members walked arm and arm as Jacob wheeled out onto the field after the game as confetti rained down on them. Jacob beamed with delight and radiated excited as he held the team’s trophy.

The memories the OSU team is helping him make are undoubtedly priceless and special for Jacob. Each memory made makes his young life all the more fulfilling, which is exactly what he needs and deserves as his particular form for muscular dystrophy only has an average life expectancy of about 25 years.

If the amazing photos from Monday’s game weren’t enough to show how much these experiences mean to him, then Jacob’s words to ESPN will certainly drive the point home. He said, “It’s my team. My team loves me.”

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