Occupy The Bookstore Plug-In Changes The Textbook Game

As the Spring semester rolls in, the lines in campus bookstores may be a bit shorter thanks to the new Chrome plug-in extension, Occupy The Bookstore. This new plug-in allows college students to find the best deals on all of their high priced textbook needs.

The College Board reports that students attending four year colleges spend roughly $1,200 on textbooks each year. The prices of textbooks are notably ballooning as the years pass and it is likely that the exaggerated prices will continue on this trend as long as the major publishers are cornering the market, releasing updates versions frequently and students are unaware of their third party options.

College students are no longer forced to rely on their campus bookstore to fulfill their textbook needs once they download this simple, easy to use expansion plug-in, however.

Creators Peter Frank and Ben Halpern, developed Occupy The Bookstore for use while students are on their school bookstore website. The plug-in pulls in the prices for the same books and allows students to compare prices in order to get the best deal possible. This will be a huge money saver with potential savings up to 70% off of the usual bookstore prices.

Frank said, “We think it could be a great tool for students to save a lot of money.”

Textbook prices have skyrocketed over 812% in the past 35 year, so it’s safe to say the Occupy The Bookstore comes at the right time, especially when the Consumer Price Index report shows this increase to be over three times the increase seen for all other good and services.

Luckily, entrepreneurs like Frank and Halpern are out there to lend a hand in a ways that they would have benefited from prior to their 2012 graduations.

Frank goes on to say of their intent behind the extension, “The immediate goal is to help students save money. But more generally I hope it shines a light on the bookstores’ inflated prices and their position of power, adding transparency to the whole ecosystem.”

The Occupy The Bookstore plug-in is available now on the Chrome webstore, so get over their and start saving!

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