Obama’s New College Ratings System Can Learn a Thing or Two from Health Care

The new college ratings system that the Obama administration is preparing to debut is aimed at improving the college experience and locking in tuition. The detail of this new system are largely under wraps and unknown still, but the discussions up to this point are leading towards showing dropout rates, earnings of graduates and tuition prices. The ratings system will also be used as a means to reward high quality colleges with more federal aid.

The issue with creating an incentive based system, is it can be difficult to navigate. However, the heath care industry will be a reasonable resource for the administration to model.

There are some similar issues that both health care and college share, which will leave a bit of room for insight that the administration will likely need. Having a clear understanding of how consumers and producers tend to make decisions is a key factor in the health care field as the insight may in turn serve as an invaluable point of reference.

A relevant insight into the how the health care system may benefit Obama’s college ratings program. For example we have the health care system that is ripe with investments that pay off over the lifetime of the facility and we can easily see the comparisons here between the two.

The investments and the payoff are usually separated by many years and it can be difficult for consumers to see what the future benefits may be. This is a prime example of why the proposed rating system just as the health care ratings systems is helpful. Both give consumers the chance to make educated decisions about the quality of services being received.

Most college students only select a school once and most likely don’t have any experience in judging if the choice they are making is the best deal. This is again an area where consumers can use a trusted source to help them determine if the quality and price are right. The proposed ratings system seems auspicious, but only time will tell what it truly has to offer.

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