NYU’s Initiative for Women with Disabilities Offers So Much to Participants

New York University has done something that is pretty amazing for female students with disabilities. NYU has forged the Initiative for Women with Disabilities (IWD) that is located at the Elly & Steve Hammerman Health & Wellness Center. This facility provides students with a variety of services from gynecological exams to Reiki restorative yoga classes. Students are even able to get their hair done.

Alena Gerst, social worker for IWD, says “We are able to provide the best quality care by communicating with each other.” She also states, “Participants feel that this is their home away from home. And they come here and feel very safe.”

It does really seem that IWD has created a safe haven for young female students that are ages 14 to 21. The center offers them a place to go where they can just be normal and not the only person in their class that has a disability, which is something that they often encounter. The center even goes as far as to call their participants to ensure that they are ok and not in need of any assistance.

IWD is more than just a health care facility and those attend are considered to be far more than patients.

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