NYU to Offer Financial Aid to Undocumented Students

New York University is joining in on the immigration debate with the announcement that the college will now offer financial aid to undocumented students.

NYU is one of very few private universities that offers immigrant students the chance to obtain financial assistance, which includes an application that requires the student to declare illegal status. As of now, the new program is open to potential students that are currently living in New York and no aid will be taken away from U.S. Citizens as a result of the changes.

NYU and many of its students are seemingly supportive of the Dream Act and are more than sympathetic when considering how difficult the lives of undocumented individuals can be.

A freshman at the school told a New York City reporter that this new program may be the thing that society needs, saying “Be integrated into the world and maybe you want them to actually become a documented immigrant after that.”

Another students wrote the following on NYU’s Facebook page, “Great step forward for NYU. I hope everyone will understand that it is not easy for undocumented people to become citizens of this country. It takes years and many dollars to become a citizen, and that is if the government grants it to you. So yes, it is great that NYU is giving undocumented students a chance, when the US government is making it difficult for them to receive a higher education.”

There too were those commenting on the same thread that were less enthusiastic about the forthcoming program. One person commented, “I would prefer that you offer additional scholarships to documented students…plenty f them could use the help.”

Another person wrote, “I respectfully disagree with this. This will be unfair to all the citizens and permanent residents who actually pay taxes and all their dues.”

NYU’s new financial aid program comes on the heels of President Obama’s plans to go over the heads of Congress on immigration reform. A result of his new plan, somewhere around 5 million undocumented immigrants will be safe from deportation.

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