NYU Student Sets Fire To Sleeping Classmate, Records Himself On Snapchat

NYU student, Jaime Castano, was arrested on Monday for setting fire to a female student as she slept soundly in his dorm room, according to local law enforcement.

As if setting someone on fire wasn’t bad enough, Castano is also reported to have recorded his offense on the Snapchat app and proceeded to sing as the fire spread and the victim awoke, trying to put out the flames.

The victim is said to have fallen back asleep only to wake the following morning atop a comforter with burn marks and holes. She was uncertain what had transpired initially, but that quickly changed as Castano played the video of what he’d done to her. The student is now left with “”painful burns and scarring on her torso,” not to mention the memory of that video etched into her memory.

Castano reportedly told the police that his phone was used to record his actions as his fellow classmate lie “asleep in his bed with flames on her clothing while [he] sang, then showed her waking up and trying to put out the flames.”

The victim soon informed NYU officials of what happened in Castano’s dorm, only nothing was reported to the police until October 27, which was months after the incident occurred. They did expel him in September, though

“We rapidly pursued a disciplinary case that promptly led to an expulsion of the defendant,” said NYU spokesman John Beckman. He claims that the incident was taken very seriously, despite the university’s delayed reporting.

Beckman said the victim didn’t want to call the police when she reported the crime. He said, “It has been University’s practice to give a significant degree of deference to a victim’s wished regarding involving law enforcement.”

She later changed her mind and decided to speak to the police. NYU officials were present, according to The Washington Post.

“In retrospect, at least when the facts became clear, this case clearly should have been reported to the police, not withstanding the reluctance of the victim. We are conducting a full investigation as to how a different decision was made in this case and clarifying our decision-making process so that cases like this are reported to the police immediately in the future,” said Beckman

Castono is being held on $50,000 bond or $25,000 cash bail at his arraignment hearing on Tuesday in Manhattan Criminal Court. He is being charged with first-degree assault and reckless endangerment. Both charges are felonies in New York and could result in Castano spending up to 25 years in prison if he is indicted at his hearing on Friday.

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