New Supercomputer Headed to UNLV Will Revolutionize Research

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) has one of the world’s most powerful computers headed its way.

Today the university confirmed that they will receive the “Cherry Creek’ supercomputer from Intel. This powerhouse computer has 10,000 processing cores and the power of 2,500 Mac desktop computers. The “Cherry Creek” is able to minimize and store data in hours,where as it used to take the university’s current computer a week.

The importance of the supercomputer’s ability is that it will aid UNLV’s Alzheimer’s research. The school’s old computer used to only be able to compare 1,000 human genomes in a week’s time, but now they will be able to compare 100,000 genomes in that time frame.

Marty Schiller, executive director of the quantitative health science division at UNLV states, “A lot of calculations that would take many years to calculate, we can now do in a matter of weeks. Every step up in power enables new question to be answered.”

The supercomputer will be able to enhance more than just research projects at UNLV though. It is also expected to bring in new grants along with potential partnerships with new private businesses.

Acting UNLV President, Don Snyder said, “It’s the next step toward becoming a tier 1 research university. It has potential of allowing us to do things we only dreamed of. We don’t have the chance to get in the game if we don’t have those types of capabilities.”

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