New Library Program Encourages eBook Adoption

In July Amazon released a really cool service called Kindle Unlimited. This service allows its users to read from a selection of over 600,000 books as well as listen to thousands of audiobooks. The price for this service is only $9.99 a month and may be used with any device.

Kindle Unlimited, while really cool, is not the first of its kind actually. Their competitors consist of Oyster and Entitle. These services offer fewer books than Kindle Unlimited with a bit less of a monthly fee. There is a hitch here though – users are limited to the amount of books they are able to acquire monthly, but users do get to keep their downloads.

So by now you may be asking yourself “What does this do for me as a student?” and “how will this impact my higher education?” Well we are going to tell you!

The National Association of College Stores has reported that students prefer print textbook to digital textbooks. This isn’t the best news for eBook services, which is why they are trying to make it more interesting and attainable for them. One of the reasons that students are still fond of printed books is because they have better note taking ability and they are easier to use.

What can universities do to better deliver eBook services to students?

Well the answer is relatively simple actually. The eBook industry wants to increase the appeal to students and they intend to do this by offering things that regular textbooks don’t offer. eBook offer things like cool graphics and interactive links.

Students also care a lot of the price of books and will opt for whatever is the cheapest and easy to access. Many feel that they don’t need to pay for a monthly subscription for something that they can go to the library and check out for free. This is an area that is being worked on as many libraries are now working on adding an eBook lending library to their repertoire.

Even though the eBook expansion is just in the beginning stages, it is an area that is growing in strength and popularity…students better get ready.

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