New Grads Should Check Out These Top Companies for Jobs

New graduates all are faced with the same question once the graduation haze settles: where to find a job?

There’s good news for new grads thought because there are some top companies that just so happen to take an interest in fresh faces straight out of school.

Google happens to be the number one company to hire new graduates. They are such an innovative company that they need fresh ideas constantly streaming in. The best place to find these fresh ideas is in the minds of those that are young and recently out of school. Basically Google + new grads= success.

Next on the list for new graduates to check out is EY (Ernst & Young). EY has over 150 offices all over the world and is one of the biggest professional services firms around. They offer their employees high salaries and look great on resumes for future jobs. EY is actually expected to hire somewhere around 50,000 interns and new graduates this year alone.

Heading back across the pond, we have PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). They are ranked in third place when it comes to hiring newly graduated students. PwC sees roughly 3 million applications come through each year for the 20,000 available positions. Some of the open positions that they like to feel with new graduates are accounting, computer science and engineering.

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