New GPS System May Help Students Graduate On Time

College students are now taking longer to graduate as is noted by the recent report dubbed The Four Year Myth, but this may not be an issue for long with the introduction and use of Guided Pathways to Success (GPS).

GPS may be the ticket to getting students to graduate on time and reducing the high student debt rates. The point of this new student success system is to streamline the degree earning process and organize the requirements for each student. This will enable students to remain on point and keep their forward momentum going strong while making strides towards the graduation finish line.

Complete College America is behind GPS and are striving to ramp up the straggling 50% of school that are reporting delayed graduation rates.

Stan Jones, president of Complete College America, says “ Student loan debt has for the first time topped one trillion dollars – more than credit card and auto loan debt combined. Our Alliance of States is committed to shining a light on-time graduation rates and pursuing reforms that increase college completion and shorten the time to degree. We know that the best strategy to make college more affordable is to ensure many more students graduate and graduate on time.”

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