New Engineering-Based Medical College Plans Announced By UIUC

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign recently announced new plans for a revolutionary engineering-based medical college that will come about as a result of a partnership with Carle Health Systems.

This new and groundbreaking venture was an easy decision for the University of Illinois Board of Trustees who unanimously voted for the new medical college on March 12. The vote allows the plans for the game changing engineering and medicine hybrid college to move forward towards becoming a reality.

“Today, we have been given the opportunity to change the world,” said Chancellor Phyllis M. Wise. “We are the first to chart this new path in medical education, and we are excited by the challenge. Being first and being best is a 150-year tradition at Illinois, and we fully intend to translate that experience into advances in health care delivery.”

There hasn’t been a new college created at Urbana for 60 years, but this new initiative will surely pack enough of a punch to make up for the six decade gap.

“Together we will transform not only how doctors are trained, but how they solve problems and care for patients. With physicians, engineers and other scientists collaborating at every level, faculty and students will think and work differently,” said James C. Leonard, M.D. President and chief executive officers, Carle Health System. He continued, “the difference will be felt not only by the future patients of these physicians, bu also by the countless others who will benefit from their medical discoveries.”

Now the work to become accredited and find the necessary faculty to get the ball rolling since the green light has been given to move forward with this exciting new endeavor.

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