New Cloud Technology May Impact Students Soon

Students and teachers alike are praising new cloud SRS technology and it seems like they are spot on. The classroom tool, Clickers, was once a very popular and widely used tech tool, but students that suffered financial burdens quickly became frustrated due to the fees associated with using it.

Clickers are among the many materials that students are required to have to be successful in school and having to pay more on top of the already extremely high textbook prices is almost too much for some students to stomach. This is where Student Response Systems (SRS) come into play. SRS devices allow students to actively participate in lectures and even submit questions using hand held devices.

Tech company, Top Hat, heard students and has been working on an alternative to Clicker. The web based SRS technology that was created by Top Hat, allows students to use their laptops, iPad’s and smartphones to interact with teacher, give feedback, answer polls, take quizzes and submit answers to open ended questions. Teachers don’t have to worry about not having Clicker either and are able to participate with as well using the same technology that their students use.

As with any new education tool there are bound to be pros and cons. It does, however, seem that there are far more pros to using an SRS cloud bases technology than cons.

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