New America Predicts Many Changes in High Education to Come in 2015

New America’s Ed Central has published it’s predictions for the upcoming year in higher education.

Here are some of their higher education predictions for 2015:

It may be a big year ahead for higher education if Congress and the federal government have anything to say about it. Student loan rates are expected to drop even more as a result of the decrease in Treasury bonds. There is also talk of a bill being passed to make loan payments income based as well as to eliminate Subsidized Stafford loans.

Colleges and universities are going to see lots of action in 2015 as well, according to New America. There is expected to be more schools working towards degrees that are competency based and certificate programs showing competency in place of extended degrees. There may also be a shift in the way some for-profit colleges operate as some intend to transition to non-profit in order to be under less scrutiny from the Department of Education.

Higher education is also expected to see many changes on state levels during the next academic year as the experts at New America predict. We may see more states jumping on the tuition freeze bandwagon without a longer term plan. There is also expected to be even more push for appealing degree programs (lower cost, faster or free) and means to get more funding by states with the creation of new workforce goals.

Sounds likes New America predicts an interesting year ahead for academia.

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