MSU Professor Breaks Down ‘Hookup Culture’ In New E-Book

Stephanie Amada, assistant professor of writing, rhetoric and American cultures at Michigan State University, really cares about her students and proved it by writing a book meant to break down the walls surrounding the “hookup culture” that is present on college campuses.

Her book, Hooking Up: A Sexy Encounter With Choice, is meant to pull down the veil surrounding what exactly it means to “hookup” since the term itself has a variety of meanings, which is fitting since Amada also found that an overwhelming amount of students are uncertain of what actions are considered part of a “hookup” and which ones are not.

Amada began to delve into this complex topic in her Women in America class at the university, but felt that the discussion needed further attention and as a result her book was born. She set out to dissect the different definitions of “hooking up” and virtually spelled out the what, how and why of it all to arm her readers with knowledge and to empower them with the tools to make informed decisions.

Another topic discussed in the book is that of acquaintance rape, which is likely to resonate strongly with readers since it is a very real issue happening on campuses across the nation with shocking frequency and dismal reporting rates.

Amada drew from her own experience with sexual assault, but not without a great deal of hesitation and fear of putting a vulnerable part of herself in the hands of those reading her words. She chose to include it even though she says it’s “really weird to have my students reading that.”

“There is so much shame for people who have been sexually assaulted that people don’t speak up about it,” she said. “The ensuing silence creates a vicious cycle of shame, silence and more shame. I hope that by sharing that this happened to me, I can show other women who have experienced a similar trauma that there is hope to go on, that it is possible to heal from the emotional pain and that it is possible to be happy again.”

The ultimate goal for the book is to bring conversations to the table that need to be had by the young people on college campuses. Amada hopes that more young women will be able to make more informed decisions about their choices to engage in “hookups” or not to as well as taking ownership of those choices and feeling good about them. She wants everyone to be aware of what falls under sexual assault and what doesn’t, as that knowledge empowers and protects them in the end.

Amada goes on to say, “The answer lies in taking a good, hard look at how we educate our young people about issues surrounding sex and consent. Teaching our students how to make choices from a place of personal strength is what will lead to the inner conviction necessary for a young person to make a good choice and not give in to peer pressure or bullying.”

Head over to Professor Amada’s website to learn more and buy your own copy of Hooking Up: A Sexy Encounter With Choice.

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