Millions of Adults Have Some College Experience, But No Degree

There are currently 31 million adults that have some college experience but are lacking a degree. The U.S. News has noted that there are roughly four million students with some college credits and are said to have about 2 years of college under their hats. Half of these students are ages 24 to 29 while 40 percent are over 30 according to Education Week.

These numbers prove that there is a need for outreach to the students and more initiative needs to be taken to get them back in school. Doug Shapiro, the executive research director of the National Student Clearinghouse feels that the outreach needs not to be only focused on young students that are just beginning their careers. Instead he thinks that the outreach should also spread to adult learners that may need some additional support to finish up their degrees.

The National Student Clearinghouse now has plans to place more focus on the four million students that have already completed a minimum of two years of college. These students have earned the moniker “potential completers”. The NSC hopes that students may consider re-enrolling in school if they see that these issues are being brought to light through re-enrollment policies. The NSC is also working on getting schools to rethink their transfer policies and offering more evening and weekend classes to accommodate different student schedules.

There was recently a bill passed unanimously by the U.S. House of Representatives that will allow Education Secretary Arne Duncan to choose up to 30 schools for an experiment. This experiment will be centered around competency based educational programs. This program will allow students to test out of subjects that they can prove aptitude in.

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