Medical Students Encouraged To Watch Seinfeld As Part Of Psych Rotation

Students at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School are now being encouraged to veg out and watch everyone’s favorite sitcom from the 1990’s, Seinfeld. Anthony Tobia, a psychiatry professor at the school, is using Seinfeld as a means to of teaching his third and fourth year students about the psychiatric field during their rotations.

Tobia calls his unconventional teaching exercise “Psy-feld” and requires his medical students to watch two syndicated episodes of the show each week on the TBS channel. Students are then expected to attend class armed with discussion points that were taken from the episodes watched.

According to, Tobia said “When you get these friends together the dynamic is such that it literally creates a plot: Jerry’s obsessive compulsive traits combined with Kramer’s schizoid traits, with Elaine’s inability to forge meaningful relationships and with George being egocentric.”

This isn’t the first time popular television shows are entering into the college sphere. The spring semester alone brings forth shows using The Simpsons and Doctor Who as a new and interesting way to reach students.

It’s safe to say that injecting a bit of ironic comedy and a few “yada yada yada’s” into a medical students repertoire may just be what the doctor ordered.

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