LSU President Supports New College Ratings System

F. King Alexander, President and Chancellor of Louisiana State University, has announced his support of the new college ratings system introduced by President Obama. Alexander has also come out urging his fellow colleagues in academia to give the ratings system a chance before casting it in a negative light.

In a recent opinion article for The Chronicle of Higher Education, Alexander wrote “Right now, American students and their families are, for the most part, left to determine an institution’s value through the misconception that paying higher tuition somehow results in better educational outcomes. That way if thinking has led us to today’s ballooning student debt and skyrocketing tuition.”

The final plan for the ratings system has yet to be completed, but the framework and some lose details were announced recently by the Department of Education. The reception for the new system was mixed with some collegiate leaders from private institutions none to pleased.

The goal of the ratings system is to enable parents and students to make more informed decisions about the schools to apply to based upon specific metrics of importance. A few of the proposed metrics will be the amount of Pell Grants received by students, student loan debt upon graduation, graduation rates and employment rates of past students.

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