LinkedIn Launches Tool to Help Students Find Colleges

Today LinkedIn is launching some new tools on their website that will help the new crop of high school student users with selecting a college. The three new tools available are: Decision Boards, University Outcome Rankings and University Finder. These new site extras will help students that are college bound to decide where to apply, what to study and receive some helpful advice from current or past students.

LinkedIn has recently been working to ramp up their paying subscribers with premium memberships and advertising, but students don’t have to worry about those things hindering the use of the new tools.

A spokesperson for the website says, “This is free for all people and universities cannot pay for better placement. These rankings are based on the career outcomes of LinkedIn members.”

The Decision Boards tool is similar in nature to the advice and Q&A app from Twitter, Belly. It allows students to ask people on their networks for advice.

The University Outcome Rankings tool is a large data tool. It analyzes millions of alumni profiles to generate rankings for schools based upon careers.

Lastly, the University Finder tool will help to find universities that are tailored to you based upon information that is in your profile and other questions asked.

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