Lawsuits Filed Against Harvard University and the University of North Carolina Over Admissions Issues

Harvard University and the University of North Carolina had two lawsuits filed against them on Monday claiming that the universities engaged in improper racial bias to determine admissions eligibility.

The new complaints were filed with the federal courts in Boston, Massachusetts and Greensboro, North Carolina, according to Edward Blue, the director of the Project on Fair Representation.

The new cases against the universities, is being spearheaded by a group that calls themselves Students for Fair Admissions. The group as a whole is rather diverse and has two 18 year old Asian American students among its participants. Both of the male students applied to Harvard and were denied admissions. Another Caucasian student in the group was turned down by the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Blum says of he cases against Harvard and UNC – Chapel Hill, “These two lawsuits are the first of what are expected to be several similar challenged to other competitive colleges that continue to unconstitutionally use racial preferences in admissions decisions.”

He also stated that the current admissions protocol at Harvard, tends to discriminate again Asian Americans just as UNC – Chapel Hill often neglects to give the same admissions considerations to students based upon race-neutral conditions.

Both universities are standing behind their admissions policies and choices to accept and deny the students that have applied. Robert Iuliano, Harvard’s general counsel, echoes this sentiment in a hist statement released after he received news of the lawsuit. Iuliano’s statement read, “The university’s admissions processes remain fully compliant with all legal requirements and are essential to the pedagogical objectives that underlie Harvard’s educational mission.”

UNC – Chapel Hill’s associate vice chancellor, Rick White, also backs any admissions processes the university has in place currently. He too has released a statement saying, “Further, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights determined in 2012 that UNC – Chapel Hill’s use of race in the admissions process is consistent with federal law.”

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