Lawsuit Against Pepperdine University Filed By Former Basketball Players

Two female basketball players at Pepperdine University filed a lawsuit last week against both the university and the basketball team’s coach, Ryan Weisenberg.

According to the complaint filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court, Haley Videckis and Layana White were subjected to what they deemed harassment and discrimination. The two former players cite their sexual orientation as the catalyst for their poor treatment. They have also stated that their dating relationship was a key factor in the delay of White’s appeal to join the NCAA.

Weisenberg is said to have placed a lot of weight on Videckis and White’s relationship as the complaint states. he is said to have believed that the team would suffer and lose games if the two remained together as a couple. The supposed mindset of the coach is further supported by the things said at an April meeting. In the complaint, Weisnenberg is quoted to have said, “lesbianism is not tolerated on this team” and “it is the reason why teams lose.”

White and Videkis also claimed that their coach made various attempts to question them about their sexual orientation, nightly sleeping arrangements and even went as far as requesting copies of their gynecological records.

Pepperdine University is centered around Christianity, which according to the complaint, is thought to be the driving force behind what the players endured during their time in school. Once the school and Weisenberg caught wind of the budding romance, they were quick to pursue ways to release the players from their positions on the team.

White took the the incidents rather hard and said she suffered from “severe depression” as a result, which led to a suicide attempts in recent months. Both women are requesting monetary compensation as a result of the toll the situation took on them.

Upon receiving the official complaint, Pepperdine released a statement, which said “We take allegations of this kind very seriously. We conducted an immediate and thorough investigation and found no evidence to support these claims, and we look forward to demonstrating the truth of the matter in court. The university remains committed to a diverse and inclusive environment.”

Weisenberg has yet to make a statement about his part in the lawsuit.

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