Lauren Hill Reaches Her Goal And Raises $1 Million For Cancer By Years End

Mount St. Joseph University freshman, Lauren Hill, has reached her goal of raising $1 million for cancer by the end of 2014.

Lauren Hill is not just any 19 year old college freshman, though. She also happens to be a cancer patient with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. Her form of cancer is rather rare, tends to spread throughout the body widely and is accompanied by a inoperable brain tumor. Her cancer is not going to be cured with surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. Lauren’s prognosis is terminal and her time left is unknown as it could be days, weeks, months or years until the cancer forever dims the intrinsic light within her.

Rather than lie down and succumb to her diagnosis, Lauren is using the time she has left to make a difference and help others waging similar wars against cancer.

Using her love of basketball to help promote her cause and reach her goal, Lauren has garnered national attention and has raised an incredible amount of money for her charity, The Cure Starts Now.

Lauren even played with a game in November with the Mount St. Joseph team despite her achy joints, dizziness, migraines and occasional need for a wheelchair.

The rest of Lauren’s journey is an uncertain one, but the outcome remains the same. She’s got the right attitude and wants to be remembered for more than being a sick college student. Lauren sums it up perfectly when she says, “If I do pass, I don’t want people to say I lost. I want, ‘She kicked DIPG’s butt and raised a lot of money for research.’”

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