Kaplan Will Repay $1.3 million to 289 Students to Settle Civil Lawsuit

Kaplan Higher Education, a for-profit college, will repay approximately $1.3 million to 289 students as a refund for tuition towards earning a Medical Assistant Diploma to settle civil lawsuit brought against them.

The refunds are being issued in an attempt to bring an end to a lawsuit that was filed by a whistleblower who accused Kaplan College of employing instructors that were deemed to be unqualified.

The suit was originally filed in 2012 under the False Claims Act by the Justice Department after former Kaplan employee, Leslie Coleman, pointed them in the college’s direction.

It is a requirement that any school receiving financial aid as payment from its students employ instructors who are capable and competent enough to teach the courses assigned to them, but this does not seem to have been the case at two of Kaplan’s San Antonio campuses as Coleman alleges.

Kaplan refutes the claims in the against them in the complaint issued by the Justice Department, but opted to end the case by agreeing to refund students their tuition fees if they were enrolled in the classes in question between 2008 and 2013. Agreeing to pay the $1.3 million settlement does not mean that Kaplan is admitting to any wrong doing, though, which they are quick to point out.

Janice Block, Kaplan’s Executive Vice President and Chief Legal and Administrative Officer, released a statement saying, “To avoid the expense of protracted litigation, we chose to settle this complaint. We have always maintained the allegations contained in this lawsuit were untrue.”

Of the $1.3 million to be paid out, the 289 students will receive about $1,077,00 in tuition fee refunds. Coleman is expected to be awarded $212,158 for her part in bringing the situation to light.

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