“It’s On Us” Campaign Taken to NYC Student Leaders

On Tuesday many student government leaders from New York area colleges came together to meet with Presidential Adviser, Valerie Jarrett and the Executive Director of the White House Council on Women and Girls, Tina Tchen. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the White House’s new campaign to end sexual assault on college campuses.

“We want to have justice and we want to have victims become survivors,” Jarrett says.

During this session students were able to talk about the new steps that were being taken at their schools such as, advisory councils, outreach programs and free shuttles for students. They were likewise able to discuss any concerns that they may have about the new “It’s on Us” campaign.

Even though the campaign was just launched by the Obama Administration on Friday, it is already seeing a good bit of early success. As of Monday night, a reported 3 million people had watched the “It’s on Us” PSA video. On top of the high view rates there were also over 41,000 people that had signed the bystander intervention pledge that is linked on the campaign’s website.

The student leaders at Tuesday’s meeting had strong opinions about what needs to be done to keep all students on campus safe from assault and made it clear that more than bystander intervention would be required to do so. The students discussed some of their priorities and hopes for the campaign with Jarrett and Tchen as well. They suggested that there be increased consent education programs that focus on athletic programs and fraternity and sorority systems.

Jarrett encouraged the discussion with the students and told the student leaders she spoke with, “You’re a great conduit to the administrators of your universities.”

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