Is There an App for That? A Break Down of How College Students Use Technology

The recent study that was conducted by Harris Poll for Pearson from February to March of this year studied over 1,200 students that are enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs. The main goal of the study was to see how college students are using their mobile devices.

There are the questions that are asked during the study:

1. Are they using them for schoolwork?

2. How these devices are expected to be used for study purposes in the future?

3. What are the attitudes of students towards mobile devices and the role they play in learning?

4. Do the students have any preferences for services available on mobile devices that may help with studying and school related activities.

Let’s take a look at what the results say!

  • The survey shows that students are highly interested in using tablets to complete their course work. They do harbor mixed feelings as to whether or not mobile devices should be used in a classroom setting
  • Smart phone usage is still in the lead for mobile usage and is outpacing the use of tablets
  • Even though smartphones and tablet use is on the rise, laptops are still the most commonly used mobile device
  • Students report that they will usually use a single mobile device during a school day
  • Students actually prefer to stick with the size tablet or smartphone they currently have rather than change size
Stansbury, M. (2014, September 15). 2014 break-down: This is how college students use mobile devices. Retrieved September 15, 2014.

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