Is STEM Really Enough to Prepare Students for the Workforce?

There is an increasing focus in the United States lately on making young students ready for college and careers. One of the primary ways that this is being attempted is through STEM education. STEM education is a curriculum that is focused around science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The question of whether or not this is an ideal avenue to pursue lies within the statistics that are presented by The Bureau of Labor Statistics in their monthly reporting.

Jobs in these related fields have continued to grow and are in the process of recovering from the 2007 recession as well as the following financial crisis. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 4.6 million jobs openings were available in these areas as of the last business day of May 2014. The July job report also showed positive results and a nudge in an upward direction with 298,000 jobs being added.

It’s looking like it is a good idea to implement the STEM program to meet the type of job demand that is out there. Tom Joseph, the senior director of Autodesk, a worldwide education source feels that there is a pretty good trend presenting as of July. We can only imagine that moving forward there will be a need for this type of education in conjunction with deeper learning pathways.

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