Iowa State University Launches ISU 4U Promise

Two years ago, Dr. Steven Leath, president of Iowa State University, made a promise to students at the Moulton Learning Center and King Elementary that was brought to fruition on Tuesday as the ISU 4U Promise became a reality.

Dr. Leath and the Chief of Human Resources at the Des Moines Public School District, Anne Sullivan, officially signed the ISU 4U Promise agreement in front of an auditorium packed with excited kids on Tuesday at Moulton Learning Center.

The new agreement will enable students from both schools to have a better chance at pursuing a college education. The program offers monetary awards for students to apply to their tuition as well a additional assistance to both students and the schools.

“The ISU 4U Promise embodies Iowa State University’s land-grant principle that a college education should be accessible and affordable. We are pleased to provide these capable students from diverse backgrounds with an opportunity to earn admission to Iowa State and a tuition award to ensure that socio-economic challenges do not interfere with access to a college education. A degree from Iowa State holds great value, and we believe these students will bring great value to our university,” Leath said in the Iowa State University press release.

In order to take to benefit from the ISU 4U Promise program students will need to me a certain criteria, which is:

  • Adhere to yearly attendance requirements and comply with the behavioral standards of the school district
  • Performance expectations established by teacher must be maintained along with a portfolio on point with applicable grade level
  • Interested students will need to submit a letter to Iowa State University expressing interest in the program by the end of 5th grade

The tuition awards are broken down for both schools per year of enrollment as follows:

  • 1 year: 20% tuition award
  • 2 years: 40% tuition award
  • 3 years: 60% tuition award
  • 4 years: 80% tuition award
  • 5+ years:100% tuition award

DMPS Superintendent Tom Ahart said, “We are fortunate to have many partnerships with Iowa State University that benefit our students, teachers and schools. The ISU 4U Promise builds upon that tradition, and will help make the dream of a college education a reality for more of our students.”

The students present for the signing of the agreement were pretty excited about their potential future as ISU Cyclones.

Alexis Landeros said, “When I go to college, I want to be a doctor to save lives.” He will be the first person in her family to attend college and will benefit greatly from the ISU 4U Promise program.

The Moulton 5th grader seems to have a foot in the right direction already as he proclaims, “I’m really good at math and reading. I’m really good at school.”

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