How to be an Active Interviewee

Something that we can all relate to is the feeling that a job interview is more like an interrogation than a conversation. Well we’re going to give you a few easy pointers to make your next interview feel more like a conversation than an interrogation.

During your next interview, try to practice what author, Eric Kramer calls “active interviewing”. Kramer likens a job interview to a sales call. The buyer is the employer and the seller is the interviewee. He says “This creates a different interview from when a candidate sits in the interview, hoping the interviewer asks all the right questions”.

It is easy to feel like you are in the principal’s office during an interview. Being interviewed can be intimidating for the interviewee and exhausting for the interviewer. A way to negate this is to be as involved in the interview as possible. Ask questions as well as answer them, be engaging and present yourself to your potential employer.

Doing your homework before an interview is a highly sought after interviewee trait. Employers frequently say that they wish that candidates were more educated on the company and position. It makes for a much easier and engaging interview when they are able to really talk about the details in less broad strokes.

Lastly, show your potential boss that you can fit in with the current crowd working at the company. Engage in small talk where applicable and dress the part for sure. Make sure to make eye contact and have a firm handshake as both of these things will give you a sense of being trustworthy.

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