Healthy Food Options On Campus on the Way

Most college students hear the phrase “freshman 15” and cringe. Colleges are becoming aware that there is a shortage of healthy food options available to students, especially those that are on tight budgets of meal plans.

The Healthy for Life program was introduced in the fall of 2013 and as of now is available to roughly 2.5 million college students. This program offers students much needed nutrition and wellness information throughout their campuses in the form of food stations. There is also information readily available on the many school websites along with the popular Aramark CampusDish mobile app.

The University of Florida has jumped on the healthy student bandwagon by using the Healthy for Life program and making a conscious effort to cater to the many dietary needs of students. Echoing this is Chris Jans, a freshman at UF. Jans says, “There are plenty of options for plenty of different types of lifestyles, like they have plenty of fruits and vegetable and even vegan options.”

It will be interesting to see where this new healthy initiative goes with students and colleges. Having a healthier student body will also likely have an impact on the students overall performance as well.

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