Harvard Law School Found In Violation of Title IX

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights has announced its findings in the investigation into the handling of sexual assault cases at Harvard Law School. The results showed the university to be in violation of federal law by granting students accused of assault more rights than those given to the victim’s, therefore infringing on their civil rights.

The closing of the investigation marks the end of one of the longest investigations into Title IX violations in recent years. Harvard Law School has been under the gender equality microscope since December of 2010 and is just one of 91 in total under investigation.

Harvard Law will now be required to comply with a very specific list of actions in order to remain in the clear and avoid further Title IX violations. A letter from the Department of Education sent a letter to the school listing the mandatory actions that need to be followed when handling cases of sexual assault and rape.

The letter removes any gray area from the process of promptly and efficiently responding to cases in the hopes of providing equal rights to both the accuser and the accused.

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