Happening Now: SUNY Canton Cancels Classes After Threats of Violence

The State University of New York — Canton went into lock down at 12 pm after receiving two threats to campus security via the anonymous social media app, Yik Yak. SUNY Canton advised students to remain in a safe shelter, lock all doors and stay away from windows. The university ultimately canceled all classes at 12:41 pm once the second threat was received in order to secure the safety of everyone on campus

The chilling message from a still unknown source appeared on Yik Yak exactly as follows:

“This is a message to all SUNY Canton students, if you value (sic) your life do not go to class tomorrow. I plan on killing myself but before that I plan taking as many of you worthless piles of crap (sic), be ready.”

To ensure the safety of students and faculty, the university announced by way of their website that, “Out of an abundance of caution, University Police will escort people from buildings, one building at a time. People will be escorted to their residence hall or to the relevant parking lot.”

As of the last update made to the SUNY Canton Facebook page at 5:00 pm, no incidents have been reported and campus police wrapping up their escorting for the day. Students are still being advised to lock their doors, stay away from windows and stay in a safe place until otherwise informed.

We will keep an eye on this ongoing situation and will report any updated information as it comes. Stay safe, SUNY Canton!

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