Governor Haslam’s Tennessee Promise Reaches 22,800 Enrolled Students

Governor Bill Haslam’s Tennessee Promise program has already reached 22,800 registered students. Tennessee Promise opens the door for new high school graduates in the state to receive a free 2 year degree.

The Drive 55 initiative in the state is looking for a boost from this new program with an increase in the amount of Tennessee residents that have a college degree or certificate. It’s potential is great with an expected increase in degree holding citizens to hike up to 55% by 2025.

Haslam says, “It’s a clear statement to families that education beyond high school is a priority in Tennessee, and we’re excited that so many have signed up to take advantage of this new opportunity.”

The Tennessee Education Lottery is responsible for the program funding and will also be able to fill in the gaps that are often left open by various forms of financial aid. An addition to the program since we last wrote of it is the mentor program. This addition will hopefully provide motivation to students if they are feeling overwhelmed and considering dropping out.

A nice side effect of Tennessee Promise is that it has encouraged 4 year colleges to up their scholarship programs too. In additional to sweeter scholarships, many 4 year schools are offering students automatic financial aid when transferring from community colleges.

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