Government Accountability Office Report Shows Student Tuition Paying More Than State Funding

The recent release of the Government Accountability Office report shows that college students attending public universities are now paying more tuition than the actual state government is. The increase in fees paid out by students and the decrease in fees covered by state funding are working against each other resulting in making college an expense that cannot be afforded by many students.

The report covers the education from 2003 to 2012 and reports tuition surpassing the amount of state funding by 25% in 2012. It also shows the the resources provided to all state colleges taking a nose dive throughout the 9 year study. States funded public universities at about 32% at the beginning of the study in 2003 and dropped to only 23% at the end of the study in 2012.

The Government Accountability Office report said, “These increases have contributed to the decline in college affordability as students and their families are bearing the cost of college as a larger portion of their total family budgets.”

The report goes on to say, “The reductions in state funding to public colleges are even more significant when enrollment levels are taken into account. The number of students enrolled in public colleges rose by 20% from school year 2002-2003 to school year 2011-2012. Correspondingly, median state funding per student declined 24 percent – from $6,211 in fiscal year 2003 to $4,695 in fiscal year 2012.”

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