Google Classroom Aiding Teacher – Student Relationships

As new students begin flooding into classrooms across the country teachers are gearing up to use the latest education technology service from Google. Google Classroom is now available for use and it is designed with the goal to act as much like a virtual classroom as possible. The service from Good Apps for Education, is hoping to bridge that communication gap between teachers and students while aiding both parties in staying more organized.

Google Classroom may not be loaded with a ton of new features, it still has all of the most important functions that we have come to find most useful from Google platforms. Users now have services like Gmail, Google Drive and Google Docs all tied neatly into one nice package, which will simplify digital problems between teachers and their students as well.

What is so special about Google Classroom and why should teachers and students use it?

One of the most useful and practical abilities of Google Classroom is the ability for teachers to post assignments for students and for students to in turn submit them. Students are able to keep track of due dates easily and can submit their work upon completion, at any time. Teachers are able to keep closer tabs on their students’ progress and grade assignments faster too.

The ease of communication between teachers, students and classmates is also a major plus with Google Classroom. It allows teachers to send updates, notifications and begin group discussion boards. Students are also able to use these functions under the guidance of their teacher.

Google Classroom is now available in 42 languages, and it is accessible to anyone that has a mobile device or computer. Teachers and students are able to access the service by creating an Education account for Google Apps.

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