10 Good Places to Study Without Distractions

Today we’re going to take a step further into the deep pond of studying and really test the waters as we toe our way towards determining what some good places to study might be. It’s pretty safe to say that you need a good place to study that is free of distractions no matter who you are or what you’re studying, so there’s no better place for you to start than with our doozy of a list now.

10 Good Places to Study Without Distractions

Grab your study supplies as we hop around from place to place and find some really good places for you to study that are easy to locate and totally practical. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Coffee Shops

Best Study SpotsThis wouldn’t be a complete list of good places to study if we didn’t mention studying in coffee shops. So, find your favorite spot for a good cup of ‘Joe and get your study on, pronto. We do suggest skipping the uber popular coffee shops with a lot of foot traffic since those places can be kind of hectic, jam packed full of coffee deprived people looking for their next java fix and super loud. None of those things is conducive to getting any really studying done.

You’re coffee shop sweet spot is going to be one that has a quiet atmosphere, good lighting and a comfortable place to park your booty for an extended period of time. Hopefully the shop of your choosing also has good coffee so you can kill two birds with one stone as you also get you caffeine fix for the day.

2. Hospitals

Now we know that this suggestions is definitely a little on the unconventional side and is likely to give some of you the heebie jeebies. However, it’s not like we’re suggestions you study in the morgue or the operating room and hospitals are for the most part pretty quiet places. You might be surprised by how much studying you can get down in the slower paced parts of hospitals, so don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

You’re likely to stumble upon some quiet in the hospital cafeteria providing you attempt a study session while it’s open and not during the busy afternoon rush. Go ahead and grab a snack before finding a quiet little corner to get lost in for a few hours. Just beware some of the hospital food to ensure your study session isn’t interrupted by a case of tummy troubles thanks to the cafeteria’s mystery meat.

Another viable option to appease your study needs is the ability to hunker down in one of the many waiting rooms in hospitals. These waiting rooms are generally pretty quiet for the most and will likely garner you hours of undisturbed time to hit the books. It’s probably a good idea to skip the waiting room where patients waiting to be seen in the ER are directed. Things can get pretty lively in that area, not to mention, you wouldn’t want to expose yourself to any germs right before a big test.

3. Workplace

Take advantage of your down time at work by breaking out your study material providing your boss gives you the OK first. Studying at work is actually a really great idea if you work in an office or have a job with a substantial amount of down time after all of your job duties are completed.

Having your own desk or office is ideal since you can just pull out your books or notes when you get a free moment. There’s often a bit of quiet in these settings, especially if you have your own office and can shut the door to engage in a quick study session. We were lucky enough to have an awesome boss who not only allowed but encouraged us to squeeze in study time while on the clock and benefited so much from that small bit of extra time. Don’t be afraid to ask your boss about this!

No desk or office? No problem, if your workplace has an unused conference room available on occasion. Obviously, you can’t just barge into any old conference room at any given time of the work day, but you can ask for special permission to do the aforementioned barging at an appropriate time. Just think about how nice and quite it would be in that conference room and how much studying you could potentially get done.

You can always resort to the company lunch room if you’re batting zero after trying to study at work sans desk, office and/or conference room. It may not be the quietest, more serene place to study but it can still work better than some alternatives if you plan your lunch at the right time of time. If all else fails, start coughing and sneezing while studying in the lunch room. You’ll be sure to secure a pretty good study space bubble around yourself in no time.

4. Dorm Room

Yeah, we know this isn’t the most exciting suggestion on our list of good places to study, but it’s a practical solution to your study needs and it doesn’t require you to go anywhere. We know that studying in your dorm room isn’t exactly ideal at times, especially if you have a noises roommate to contend with. It does work in a pinch when you have nowhere else to go nor the gas or ride to do so.

Ask your roommate for some quiet, first and foremost. Homeboy/homegirl can surely find something else to do for a couple of hours and grant you some solitude in your shared space occasionally. After locking down the roommate situation, definitely try to stop excess noise and unwanted interruptions in their tracks by hanging a sign on your door notifying anyone and everyone of your intent to hit the books. There’s no guarantee that a sign will totally thwart the plans of anyone thinking of barging in or throwing a rager in the hallway, but it’s worth a shot.

When all else fails, you can resort to putting on a heavy duty pair of noise cancelling headphones. They may not be able to drown out all of the noise and commotion around you, but they may be able to provide you with just enough peace to accomplish some studying.

5. Parks

Studying at the ParkThere’s no reason not to venture to the park when you’re in need of a quiet place to study as long as the weather is nice. You can sit for hours as you absorb the sounds around you and peacefully use your study skills on a blanket in the sun. You can probably get a ton of studying done in this setting providing you don’t fall asleep because you’re so relaxed.

There’s always the option to get up for a walk or quick run if you feel yourself getting sleepy, though. Simply dog ear the page you were reading and give your body a quick boost in the energy department. It won’t take much to get your blood and endorphins flowing, which will wake you up and help the material you’re studying stick around longer.

6. Parents’ House

Why not hit the road and head back home to visit your folks. Of course by visiting your folks we’re really saying “use their house as a study center so you can concentrate,” but we can keep that little detail between us. Hitting your old room may provide you just the right study space since it’s relatively free of the usual distractions that may surface at school or in your own space…Unless you count the many shirtless posters of Ryan Gosling as a distraction, which prompts us to say, “Hey Girl… we know you can ace this test so put the image of R. Gos’ glistening abs out of your mind and focus!”

Make sure Mom and Dad understand that there will be plenty of time to visit after you get some studying done. We know they’re going to be chomping at the bit to get all the details about how things are going at school, remind you to take your multivitamin and tell you to take it easy on the cell phone data. Ask them to cool their proverbial jets for a bit and tuck yourself away in your old room so you can get to work.

7. Friend or Partner’s House

If anyone understand the need to have a good place to study it’s likely to be your closest buds, right? It totally makes sense that you’d be in a study safe zone at their houses since you’re able to commiserate over the impending doom you feel over finals. You could study together or you can just tuck yourself away in a corner of their room or kitchen if the need to crack the books isn’t mutual.

Much like your parents, there are some rules that apply to your friends or partner as when you’re studying at their houses. You’re there for peace and quiet, so it’s important that they give that to you until you’re ready to crawl out from under your books. Resist the temptation to chatter about the latest bit of celebrity gossip or about your plans for a romantic weekend filled with Netflix and Hot Pockets. After all, there will be plenty of time to chat and engage in other extracurricular activities (wink wink) after you get some work done.

8. Lecture Hall

Turns out lecture halls are good for something besides dozing off in the dark back row after a rough night of “studying.” Who knew that you could actually get a good bit of studying when the professor and all of the other students are gone?

Granted you may not always be able to score access to a lecture hall to study, but rumor has it that professors are often inclined to open their rooms to students to study in from time to time. The best way to secure access to this super quiet study place is to show up to class on time and prepared. Make yourself stand out a bit to your professor and you may just get the passcode to the secret study club.

Good Public Places to Study

Yale Law School

9. Public Libraries

Skip the library on campus if you really want to get some serious studying done. There’s nothing wrong with the libraries on campus in general, but they are ripe with potential distractions. You’re bound to run into your friends and fellow classmates asking to borrow your notes. Who can study with those kinds of interruptions?

So, switch things up a bit and venture to the new territory offered by your local public libraries. You can sign up for a library card if you’d like to use their computers or you can bring your own to use with their Wi-Fi when your studying requires some Google action. The hours of operation are often different than what’s available on campus, but that shouldn’t pose as much of an issue if you plan your study sessions accordingly.

10. Tutoring Centers

What better place to study than a tutor center that is specifically designed to aid students in their study needs? Yeah, we couldn’t really think of a better answer here, either. Tutoring centers are equipped with a ton of useful tools that will make your study sessions more successful and they are also known to employ super smart people who are able to help you when/if you get stuck on something.

There’s a pretty good possibility that there is already a tutoring center housed on your campus that is just waiting for you to use it. It’s totally OK if not, though! Sometimes tutoring centers can be found through libraries, churches, community centers and may even be stand alone entities available for you to use. A quick Google search should tell you what’s available in your neck of the woods, so check it out if you think this is a good place to study for you.

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