Global Gross Tertiary Enrollment Ratio Shows Higher Ed Rates Rising

The latest global gross tertiary enrollment ratio (GTER) is reported to have shown a significant increase in enrollment rates in higher education around the world. The report shows that the amount of students pursuing higher education is twice the amount is was nearly 20 years ago.

The GTER in 1992 was at a solid 14% for global college attendance rates. The report released in 2012 shows that the GTER has more than doubled the previous rate in 1992 with a whopping 32% of individuals across the globe signing up for college.

The report was conducted by Professor Simon Marginson of the UCL Institute of Education. His report findings showed around 54 countries had a rising GTER clocking in at more than 50% in 2012. Marginson says that this is a significant increase when compared to the five countries included in the report from 1992.

He predicts that the amount of students entering into higher education around the globe will continue and cites the drive to join the middle class in countries like China and India, as a driving force behind participation. The professor also puts an emphasis on urbanization as a means to drive global education participation up as well due to the creation of what he calls “favorable socio-economic and cultural conditions.”

Marginson says, “There is no ultimate limit to aspirations for social betterment through higher education – it is not subject to economic scarcity.”

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