Get Comfy With A List Of Dorm Room Bedding For Girls

The time has come for you to head off to college and leave the comfort of your queen bed behind as you face sleeping on a mattress provided by your school. Yikes! Yes, this does indeed mean you will have to leave a lot of your favorite bedding behind until you can be reunited in blessed slumber during school breaks.

Try not to let that get you too down, though. Remember that a new bed means you get to go shopping for new bedding. If a shopping trip doesn’t turn that frown upside down, we’re not sure what will.

With that in mind, let’s jump right in as we cover every you’ll need to turn your new bed into a cozy pile of heaven with the low down on dorm room bedding for girls.

Everything You Need to Know About Dorm Room Bedding for Girls

We’ve pretty much got every angle covered today when it comes to everything that encompasses bedding for your new digs. We’ve got the answers to your questions, helpful shopping tips and even some bedding suggestions to boot. All this talk about beds is already making us sleepy, so let’s get this party started before somebody decides it’s nap time.

What do I need?

Luckily, the shopping list for your dorm room bedding needs is significantly shorter than the mega long one you’re going to have to fill for the rest of your room. We like to keep the amount of bedding needed on the minimal size since your space is limited to store anything extra. So in other words, keep it simple and stick to what you need before buying anything else.

All you need for your bed are the basics, really. We suggest buying some sheets, pillowcases, a comforter, a blanket or two and a mattress pad. That’s it! A short and simple list that is space saving and not crazy pricey (unless you want it to be).

What size bedding is best?

Dorm room bedding for girlsThis is perhaps the most important question on the list and it’s more than likely something a lot of new students overlook. So here’s the deal on the size of your dorm room bed. Most schools furnish their students with an extra-long twin bed. This bed measures 39 inches wide by 80 inches long, which is in reality only about 5 inches longer than the regular twin bed you have likely slumbered on for years.

Go ahead and buy bedding for an extra-long twin mattress or twin XL as the label will say. This size will cover your bed even if your school is one of the few offering standard sized twins to students. You can also contact your dorm’s supervisor and/or check their website for this information if you want to be certain of the size before buying.

When is the best time to buy and where?

You can totally find bedding that will fit your twin XL bed all year round. However, you will find the largest and newest selection of fab bedding options during the summer months.

This is actually a pretty perfect time since you’ll be off school, possibly working a summer job and hopefully will have the cash to fork over for some super comfy bedding. There’s also the benefit of crossing off a much needed item from your college packing list before you ship off in the fall.

What if the bed provided is really uncomfortable?

Ah yes, Princess and the Pea syndrome. We’ve all been there and it’s not fun. Nobody wants to sleep on an uncomfortable, springy, lumpy, hard mattress. You can fix this little issue with a couple of things that will turn that mattress into a place to slumber peacefully in all your drooling glory.

Heads Up Before You Shop

We know you’re super eager to hit the stores or online websites to get an idea of what you’d like for your new bed. There are a few things to consider before you actually purchase stuff and will prove to be rather helpful in the long run. Keep these points in mind before you go shopping:

Check the thread count, but don’t worry too much about it…

The thread count of sheets is often a hotly debated topic among sheet connoisseurs. Apparently, solving world peace has to take the backseat when the time comes to debate the difference between 400 and 600 thread count, especially when you throw in a zinger about Egyptian cotton into the mix. We’re totally kidding, but people really do feel strongly about their sheets.

Here’s the gist of the whole thread count thing: Sheets start out at a thread count of 200 and go all the way up to 2,000. We’re often under the impression that the higher the count the better the quality of the sheet.

This isn’t necessarily the case, according to the folks at Consumer Reports. Apparently, a set of 400 thread count sheets is just as good as the ones with a 2000 thread count. The only main difference is the price tag. Save yourself some dinero and go for the lesser count.

Don’t worry too much about matching…

There’s plenty of time to worry about every piece of your bedding being matchy matchy when you’re a full blown adult. Enjoy these last few years of being able to slide by with whatever bedding you want. Yes, that even includes having Hello Kitty sheets and a Little Mermaid pillowcase if that’s what you want.

Don’t buy anything white, cream or any related colors…

Dorm sheetsWe know the old rule of “never wear white after Labor Day” has pretty much been shelved in recent years, but we’d like to reinstate it when it comes to the bedding for your college dorm.

We’d also like to extend the rule to the cousin colors of white like cream, egg shell, ivory, snow, linen, flax (seriously these are really the names of real colors) and any other members of this color family.

We’ve got nothing against white or its kin. We do take issue with the high probability of staining that is likely to occur if you adorn your bed with white bedding since it also happens to double as your table, desk, couch and a pit stop for a variety of other junk that will stain your pristine bedding at some point or another.

Fabric choice is super important…

You’ll want to consider the type of fabric your bedding is made out of, too. Try to stick to items made out of natural fibers when possible. Fibers like cotton (can be organic), bamboo, linen, jersey ad flannel are ideal since they are known to breathe a bit and allow air to flow through the fabric a bit. These fibers will also help to keep things on the less stuffy side.

It’s also great to know what the fabric of your bedding is going to feel like, so keep this in mind whether you’re shopping online or in the store. You don’t want to climb into a bed full itchy, scratchy fabric! Read the labels first and foremost. Research the fabric if you’re unfamiliar with it and unable to touch it for yourself.

Take note of care instructions…

It would be a pretty big bummer to get to your dorm room and get your new bed all set up only then to realize that your new bedding is meant to be dry cleaned only. That’s not going to jive with your busy class schedule nor is it conducive to your meager college budget.

Spare yourself the headache of return everything or trying to find the time to take it to the cleaners by reading the care instructions before you buy. All it takes is a quick peek at the tag or the outside packaging to get the details. Spare the extra few minutes to find out and save yourself both time and money in the long run.

Which way does your room face?

Something to think about when buying your new bedding is the direction your bed will be facing. This is probably not something you’d think about (we know we sure wouldn’t) up until this point, but the answer may determine what color bedding you buy.

No, we’re not talking about trying out some Feng Shui in your dorm room or anything. We’re actually thinking about the way the sunlight hits your room and how it will alter the ambiance and the temperature as a result.

This section is really most important for those of you with rooms facing the west. You’re probably going to want to alternate your bedding during summer and winter to offset the way the sun hits your room. Shoot for fresh colors like sea foam green or sky blue for summer to keep your room cooler and bright. Opt for darker, jewel tones in the winter to provide a cozy atmosphere and draw in some much needed warmth from the sun.

Dorm Room Bedding for Girls “Must-Haves”

Alrighty, let’s start shopping now that you know what to buy and some extra helpful little tidbits to ensure you get the best bedding for you. We’ll keep this part short and sweet, but action packed for good measure. Here’s what you’ll want on your shopping list:


Shoot for mid-range with your sheet choice and opt for at least two sets of with a 400 thread count in a twin XL for good measure. Also keep in mind the fabric they are made of for the most comfort and ease of care. Have fun with the colors and prints of your sheet selection. After all, it’s your bed and it’s what you like that matters!

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Mattress Pad

You can easily fix your lumpy, bumpy new mattress in a jiff with a good quality mattress pad. The sky is the limit here as you have memory foam, egg crate and down to choose from. Take the time to figure out which one will help you get a good night’s rest, even if that means testing a few out before heading off to your dorm room in the fall.

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You’ve got some wiggle room here in terms of size, so feel free to bump your comforter up to a full if you’d like a bit more fluff to gather around yourself when you’re studying. Find something you find aesthetically pleasing and made of fabric that you like. There are no rules when it comes to color or pattern either, so have a field day picking out something that is just your style.

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Pillows and Pillowcases

You don’t need a ton of pillows. In fact, you’re probably all set with two maybe three at the most. It’s not a bad idea to splurge a bit on some good pillows if your budget allows it since sleeping well will help your grades (or that’s what you can tell your parents when the credit card bill comes).

Definitely stock up on pillowcases when you’re out shopping. You’ll want to have enough on hand to rotate frequently to keep your skin from breaking out. We’d keep five or more on hand to make switching them out between your bedding washes quick and easy.

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It certainly isn’t going to hurt to have a couple of light to medium weight blankets on hand if you have room to tuck them away when not in use. There may be times when you don’t feel like using your heavy comforter or when you need some extra coverage during the winter months. You really can’t go wrong with a lightweight chenille and/or microfiber blanket as a backup, in our opinion.

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