Georgia Colleges Ban Tobacco Use on Campus

Students attending Georgia colleges can expect some changes coming in the form of a ban of all tobacco products on campuses. The original decision was made in March of 2014 by the University System of Georgia Board of Regents. Campuses should soon begin implementing the changes as of October 1.

Some schools began implementing the tobacco free rule many years ago, but for most this will be a big change. Marion Fedrick, the vice chancellor for human resources at the University System of Georgia, says “The board felt like they needed to get behind it and drive that culture of wellness. We want to give support and leadership 100%.”

Students that like to partake in the use of tobacco are concerned about the ban and are frustrated by the changes. One student at Georgia Southern University, Austin Bennett, says “Smoking is not illegal. I think it is somewhat ridiculous to ask students to go off campus to smoke.”

Students that opt to quit using tobacco will have help from the university system though and will not have to fight the urge to use it alone. There are resources by way of hotline counseling and co-pay assistance for products that help smokers quit.

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