Geek Week: Episode IV Is Underway At Rutgers University

Rutgers University is hosting Geek Week for the fourth year in a row, which has garnered the festivities the oh so fitting moniker of “Geek Week: Episode IV.” The week’s events kicked off on Sunday and will continue through Saturday with an 3,500 attendees expected by week’s end.

The Rutgers website dedicated to Geek Week describes it as “an annual week of events celebrating all things ‘geeky’ at Rutgers University. From tabletop and video gaming, to music, cosplay, academic panels based on gender and ethnic diversity, and more. Rutgers Geek Week has been nationally recognized by organizations such as ACPA and San Diego Comic-Con, and featured quests such as Chris Hardwick, Nick Offerman, and Tory and Kari of Mythbusters. By focusing on the students and their passions, Geek Week seeks to make meaningful differences in students lives by providing opportunities for them to find community, be accepted, and gain exposure to non-familiar topics and experiences in geek culture.”

The rest of the week is jam packed with some awesomely geeky events for everyone attending to enjoy! One of the many highlights of the Geek Week festivities goes down tonight, March 25th, when Hikaru Sulu himself serves as the keynote speaker. Yes, you read that correctly! The legendary George Takei will be in the flesh tonight to share a bit about his life as a LGBTQ activist and his work as an actor, author, director and more.

The rest of the week is full of nerdtastic movies, a Night of the Living Costume Dance Party, Harry Potter book drive, musical performances, SciFest, and eSports tournament and a variety of other awesome activities. Be sure to check out the Geek Week schedule so you don’t miss out on any of the fun.

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