Four Year Degrees May Soon Be Offered at California Community Colleges

On August 21 a bill cleared the state of California Legislature that will allow some of the state’s community colleges to expand their degree platforms. A limited number of California’s two colleges will be able to offer four year degrees.

The change will be coming sooner rather than later too. As quickly as this coming year, 15 community colleges will be able to launch one bachelor’s degree program per school. This will expand upon the degree base for students that do not have this option at close public universities. It hasn’t been released as of yet which schools will participate.

Brice Harris, California Community Colleges Chancellor, applauds the Senate vote saying, “In today’s economy, many businesses require their employees to possess a four year degree or higher skill sets than are offered through associate degree programs, even in fields such as dental hygiene or automotive technology where a two year degree would have been sufficient in the past.”

Harris goes on to say in a press release, “I applaud the Legislature for addressing California’s urgent workforce needs.” This comment comes after there have been previous attempts to get a plan like this off the ground only to fail.

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