Former University of Texas Basketball Players Accused of Cheating In Published Report

Two former basketball players at the University of Texas and their academic history at the university are now under a microscope as allegations of cheating surfaced last week.

A report with these findings was published by The Chronicle of Higher Education pointing the finger at the two former students as well as the reported ”fixer,” a gentleman known only as Mr. White.

Mr. White is labeled as the one who assisted the players on the basketball team in the alledged cheating by way of providing them with hand written notes and even copies of tests. These “tools” are reported to have allowed the players to get through their classes and enabled them to cheat the system in order to stay in good academic standing.

One of the former players, J’Covan Brown, was named in the report by The Chronicle of Higher Education. The other player mentioned is never referenced by name and his identity still remains unknown at this time.

There are some questions being raised in the wake of the report, however. There is question over Brown’s involvement in actual incidents of cheating as they are depicted in the article as they are said to have occurred prior to his time on the team, which was from 2010 to 2012.

The report claims that Mr. White completed three of Brown’s courses after he enrolled in BYU. Brown contests this claim and says that he actually turned down offers for Mr. White or anyone else to do his work for him. He does however admit to receiving help prior to his time at the University of Texas while still in high school.

A statement from the University of Texas’ vice president of legal affairs had this to say about the allegations made by The Chronicle of Higher Education:

“The University of Texas has launched an investigation into allegations that a former student-athlete received help with work prior to his enrollment in the university. The university recently learned of these allegations from The Chronicle of Higher Education as well as a similar general allegation about an unnamed former student-athlete. The university had no previous knowledge of these allegations. The individual who is accused of providing assistance to multiple student-athletes around the country, mentioned in The Chronicle store, has never been affiliated with the university. The university takes these issues seriously and these allegations have been discussed between athletics and the university’s central administration. In accordance with our normal practices, a full investigation has begun to determine whether there were any violations NCAA, Big 12 or university rules.”

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