Former President Jimmy Carter Urges Colleges to Crack Down on Students Committing On-Campus Assaults

Former President Jimmy Carter urges colleges to dole out much tougher penalties for students who are found to commit rape or sexual assaults on campus.

Carter spoke at a Yale University public forum hosted at Emory University on Tuesday, where he addressed similar issues and his recently released book, A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence and Power. During the forum, he sat down with the university’s president, Peter Salovey.

Salovey told Carter, “We’re working hard on this issue” and proceeded to tell him the ways in which Yale is going about proper punishment for offenders, such as adjudication.

Former President Carter was prepared for a statement like that and had some prior information up his sleeve as a response. He reminded Salovey of an incident from 2013 where a students at Yale were not actually punished by way of expulsion when they were found to be quality of what the university then called “nonconsensual sex”.

Carter said, “You can just warn a boy and chastise him – that doesn’t help. Expulsion is very difficult thing for universities to accept as a policy.”

Salovey goes on to say, “I think our policies and procedures have changed over the last year or two”, which is seemingly the case has since stopped the use of the term “nonconsensual sex” and also takes part in publications containing important data on sexual assault.

The spokeswoman for Yale, Karen Peart, echoes these changes in a recent statement. She says, “Yale takes all violations of its sexual misconduct policy extremely seriously, even if they do not meet a criminal standard. Yale addresses violations with sanctions up to and including expulsion, as are indicated in our semi-annual reports, and will continue to do so as warranted.”

One of the main issues that former President Carter wants to stop is the all too common act ability of universities to have a “let’s just look the other way” approach when presented with cases of rape or sexual assault.

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