Florida’s College Students Struggled with Who to Vote For During Tuesday’s Election

The election that took place around the country on Tuesday left Florida college students feeling like there wasn’t a clear choice as they headed to the polls. The gubernatorial race left voters with two choices and neither of them seeming quite right for the job. Voters had to make the hard choice between Republican incumbent Rick Scott, former Republican governor Charlie Crist who ran as a Democratic candidate and Libertarian Adrian Wylie.

All throughout the race to take the governor seat, Scott and Crist were locked in the polls by a pretty solid split of voters for each. This again speaks to the indecision of Florida voters and their feelings of unease when voting for either candidate.

Scott has been in office sine 2010 and has consistently received low approval ratings, which is just one of the many reason voters are second guessing keeping him in the governor chair. The issue that voters have with Crist lies in his flip flopping of political parties and key issues in recent years. He’s gone from a Republican, to an Independent and is now running as a Democrat.

College students at Florida State University in the state capital, are just as confused and unsure of who to vote for as other state residents are.

FSU junior Jeremy Neal, says “I’ve heard awful things about both of them, so it really doesn’t seem like there’s a good choice.”

Another FSU student, senior Joshua Metcalf said, “I can’t really tell you any great things about either candidate. I hate going to vote without knowing who I’m going to vote for, but it’s kind of a hard choice. I’ll probably just end up going with the Democrats. It’s a double-edged sword. Voting is a great thing, but you also want a candidate you can really get behind.”

The poll results are in and it looks like Rick Scott will be around for a while longer and only time will tell what impact it will have on Florida’s college students.

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